All of our cookies are homemede and either made with real butter or shortening, and real eggs.

Cookies by the Pound

ALMOND: Sliced almonds in a shortening base cookie. $8.95 lb.

ALMOND MACAROONS: A classic- made in the old-style tradition that some of our customers say- "we haven't had a macaroon like this in years"- Made with real almond paste. $9.95 lb.

BROWNIE CHUNK: Mounds of homemade brownies mixed into a butter based cookie. $8.95 lb.

BUTTER WITH FRUIT FILLINGS: A butter based cookie dough with a superior swiss-made jam center. Jam flavors include raspberry- strawberry- apricot- lemon- apple- mango- guava- passion. $9.95 lb.

CHOCOLATE CHIP: The classic chocolate chip cookie recipe made with real butter and real chocolate chips. $8.95 lb.

CHOCOLATE WHITE CHOCOLATE CHIP: A chocolate cookie made with real cocoa- butter and white chocolate chips. $8.95 lb.

COCONUT MACAROONS: A wonderfully chewy coconut delight. Like the almond macaroon this cookie is made in the classic old style tradition. Made with real fine coconut. $9.95 lb.

GINGER SNAPS: The classic cookie made with shortening- molasses- and a hint of ginger. $8.95 lb.

HOLIDAY COOKIES: A shortening based sugar cookie decorated for the holiday season of the time. $9.95 lb.

LINZER COOKIES: A classic European sandwich cookie made with 2 layers of hazelnut dough- with a swiss-made raspberry jam in the middle and topped with powdered sugar. $9.95 lb.

OATMEAL RAISIN: The classic cookie made with shortening- real oatmeal- and fresh raisins. $8.95 lb.

PEANUT BUTTER: Real peanut butter chips mixed into a butter based cookie dough. $8.95 lb.

PECAN: A butter based dough loaded with pieces of fresh pecans. $8.95 lb.

SNICKER DOODLE: A century old family recipe made with shortening and rolled in cinnamon-sugar. $8.95 lb.

SUGAR COOKIES: A tasty cookie made with butter- rolled- and cut into seasonal shapes. $9.95 lb.

WHITE CHOCOLATE MACADIMIA NUT: Fresh from the farm macadimia nuts flown in from hawaii- make up this butter based cookie with real white chocolate chips. $8.95 lb.

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